Community & Social Events

Community & Social Events

Calling all homeowners of Mace River Ranch! Get ready for a spooktacular time at our Halloween Event on Sunday, October 29th, ... KEEP READING...
🌶️ Join Us for the Chili Cook-Off Event! 🌶️ Date: November 11th Time: 5pm and game starts at 8pm Get ready for a ... KEEP READING...

Social Committee Events

Mace River Ranch has placed a high value in creating a strong community of neighbors.   The board supports the Social Committee and encourages (and financially supports) frequent events for our residents.  Events include holiday parties, neighborhood parades, movie nights, food trucks, wine tasting, and many more.   Please check the calendar for dates of upcoming events.

Fishing Group Multiyear Plan and Events

Mace River Ranch has an active Fishing Group.  The group meets 2-3 times a year to discuss the Mace Fishery and plans to continually improve it.   We work to maintain the health of our ponds so that we can have healthy fish!  Fishing at Mace River Ranch is for residents and their families only and is strictly catch and release. 

Trophy fish were stocked in many ponds in Spring of 2022.

“Tight Lines” – The fishing newsletter (coming soon).

Spring Kickoff Event (April 29th- 4-7pm at the Clubhouse) – It’s SPRING! (No, really!). Please join your neighbors for the Spring Kickoff Event! We’ve had great success with our food trucks. Bring your family and enjoy “Melt” for dinner.
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Youth Fishing Derby (Saturday, June 17th – 9-1 at Mace Lake) – Bring the whole family to the First Annual Mace River Ranch Fishing Derby. All age groups are welcome. The Derby will begin at 10 a.m. and run to 1 p.m. Food trucks will be on site and prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish! More details to follow!

The 3 year plan:

Phase 1 (Winter 2022/ Spring 2023) – Build fish structure to put in the ponds. We should have 97 structures completed and in the ponds by mid-April.  These structures allow fish to hide and grow.

Phase 2 (April 2023)-  Place pea gravel in the shallow areas of the ponds. We will be scheduling a day in April to put pea gravel in the designated yellow areas of the attached map. This is where fish will spawn in the spring.

Phase 3 (May 2023) –  Stock forage fish (bluegill, crawfish and crappie). We need 150lbs of crawfish and 480 mature bluegill for all our ponds.

Phase 4 (Winter 2023) –  Stock larger game fish (Bass and trout). We are fortunate to have access to trophy brown, tiger and rainbow trout between 20-30inches. We also have the ability to get mature largemouth bass. Fish much larger than the ones pictured. True giants that will create memories of a lifetime.

We encourage community support through donations to our GoFundMe account for the Fishing Group: