Contact Information

Contact Information

Association Management

Park Pointe Management Services
1500 W Bannock St.
Boise, ID 83702

HOA Board Of Directors

President:  Ed Mahoney  (Term Expires 2024)
Vice President/ Secretary:  Teresa Patrick(Term Expires 2024)
Treasurer:  Rob Perez(Term Expires 2024)
Director:  Jim Davis(Term Expires 2025)
Director: Rich Pyke(Term Expires 2025)

ACC Committee

James Bode
Bret Busacker

Landscape Committee

Curt Cress (Chairman)
Teresa Patrick (Board Sponsor)
Ann Yelich
Ed Mahoney

Emergency Contact Information

After-Hours Call Procedures
5:00 PM to 9:00 AM
Call the Park Pointe Management Office at (208) 323-4022.
Press zero to leave a message for the emergency line.
These messages will be prioritized and you will receive a call back within the hour.

Ponds & Waterways Committee

Ed Mahoney (Board Sponsor and Chairman)
Hal Nickle
Harry Boyd
Jaime Neiderhauser
Curt Cress (Biologist, Lake Expert/Consultant)
Chris Iseley

Pool/Clubhouse Committee

Jim Davis (Board sponsor)
Volunteers requested

Social Committee

Rob Perez (Board Sponsor)
Steve Heath
Jon and Denise Baker
Colleen Dumont
Beth Johnson
Jessica Smith
Sue Smith
Erin Thompson
Erica and Berverly Toffel
Angela Walsh

Fishing Group

Chris Iseley (Chairman)
Teresa Patrick (Board Sponsor)
Curt Cress
Many additional group members


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